Welcome to our list of canvas courses! The Center for Academic Innovation has developed a number of courses aimed at helping instructors create and upgrade their course materials. We have listed below the canvas courses we have produced as well as how to access them.

This catch-all resource combines tutorials on technology, cutting-edge pedagogical practices, and countless links to invaluable teaching resources, examples, and blogs.

The Center for Academic Innovation provides one-on-one training for teaching online available virtually. Duration of training will vary based on previous experience and proficiency with Canvas. Most complete this training within four weeks of the first meeting.

Our second CARES course, this training was designed to build upon and refine our instructor’s growing skills in the online modality. It goes into much greater depth than Preparing to Pivot and offers a great variety of pedagogical information and links alongside tech tutorials and best practices.

Our first CARES course, Preparing to Pivot (P2P) was created and delivered during a critical period in our history: Fall 2020. Originally developed for efficiency, this course offers straight-to-the-point resources for taking your course online.

Our third CARES course, this training was designed prepare OTC instructors for our Synchronous Multi Location Instructional Model (SLIM). Put simply, this course modality allows students from several campuses to zoom in to an instructor’s course.