Banner saying Faculty Self-care and compassion fatigue. Tools and resources to help you take care of yourself and your students.

Self-care and Wellbeing

Be Well Community Webinar and Toolkit
Burrell Behavioral Health Services
To request a link to view the professional development webinar for faculty by Burrell Behavioral Health Services on October 2nd, 2020 email This resource provides tools to help you take an introspective step determine how you are doing each day. The PDF can be downloaded and shared with your students in any subject.

Self-care Resources
Here are tips, links, reflections, and mindfulness practices to help you cope with the common challenges faced by educators and other helping professionals.

Teacher Wellbeing Strategies
Resilient Educator
Tips and strategies for educators by educators on how to destress and look after yourself.

That Discomfort You’re Feeling Is Grief
Harvard Business Review
The writing staff at the Harvard Business Review reframe the anxiety created by the pandemic as grief and discuss ways to handle it.

Self-care Starter Kit
University of Buffalo, School of Social Work
Information on how to create your own self-care plan and a list of tools to help you do it.

Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook
A tool to help you build resilience during difficult times.

The Cost of Caring: 10 Ways to Prevent Compassion Fatigue
A PDF outlining the definition, cause, and ways to prevent compassion fatigue.


Teaching During Uncertain Times

Teaching in Uncertain Times
Psychology Today
Four things to keep in mind when teaching today’s college students.

Student Stress and Anxiety Guide
A series of resources, examples, and tools to help determine what type of stress a student is experiencing and different management skills.

Supporting Student Wellbeing During COVID 19
A list of simple steps you can take to help prepare your course for students who may be stressed and resources you can direct them to if they are in need.

Leveraging the Neuroscience of Now
Mays Imad explores seven ways professors can help students thrive in class in times of trauma.

What Does Trauma Informed Teaching Look Like?
Tips and links on teaching and adjusting your class to be trauma informed to reach your students where they are.


Getting Help

Burrell Flyer for OTC Part-Time Employees
Burrell Behavioral Health Services for Adjunct Faculty
Beginning in the Spring of 2021, OTC and Burrell Mental Health Services have partnered to provide mental health services, free of charge, to part-time employees and adjuncts.

Full-Time Faculty Services
Counselling coverage is an existing benefit for Full-Time faculty. To learn how to take advantage of mental health benefits for faculty visit the Human Resources page of the OTC website.

Alcohol Rehab Guide

During the COVID Crisis sales of alcohol have been spiking and trends of substance use are on the rise, including relapse. Awareness makes all the difference. Alcohol Rehab Guide is not a treatment center; but instead a public web guide sharing information on alcohol, addiction, and recovery.